Saturday, December 26, 2009

December 2009

I am officially the worlds WORST blogger but this year it is my resolution to bog at least once a month, so here we go... This year the boys got to travel on a real train to see santa, so most of the pictures are of that and the rest are of Christmas morning.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Pics and New Tricks

Hey Friends and Family, I am so sorry that I am in fact a terrible blogger, we lost our camera, I am volunteering at the church in a very time consuming position, and Jesse is working his tail off at work and trying to get his masters. DJ is talking up a storm, his favorite things to say are "shake your booty" and "where are you?" He also likes to go on safari's to look for elephants, play all sorts of instruments, watch veggie tales songs, drums, and airplanes on youtube, and DJ LOVES his baby brother "Ashey". Asher is really starting to get mobile, we have to keep the floor super clean and keep him pinned in to a certain location or he ends up across the room in no time. Asher is getting very interactive, he lights up when he sees his mommy or daddy, and big brother DJ is a crack up. DJ's birthday party is this weekend so hopefully I will post some pics of that soon. Here is a photo shoot that we had with some friends a few weeks ago, enjoy!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

some updated pics

Hi All! Sorry that there haven't been any posts for awhile, I do believe that Jess and I need to get a new computer so posting and uploading doesn't have to be an all day event! As you can see the boys are getting BIG! Believe it or not Asher is just as big as DJ was at 4 months and DJ is now 32 pounds, we have no idea how we have such big babies. Jesse is doing very well, he just finished a 6 week long leadership school and is now going to a 2 week long flying school that he is very excited for. I am trying to keep up with 2 boys and it seems to be getting a bit easier now that Asher's colic has passed and I am getting some sleep at night. The boys and I spent the month of Jan. in Colorado for some much needed mommy R&R while Jesse was at school and I am back in Altus feeling refreshed and ready to tackle some of our house projects. Asher is starting to laugh and smile and play and is truly enjoyable while his brother is taking on the terrible twos with a vengence! I will try to keep up a little better on the posting. We love you all and we miss you. God Bless!