Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Monster Talk

DJ:  "Mom, Dad, can we talk?"
Mom and Dad: (with very amused curious faces) "Sure Son, what's up?"
DJ:  "Sometimes I am scared of monsters and that's ok, because I am only scared when there are real monsters here, not when there aren't and sometimes I am scared of the big weed (this is a reference to Larry Boy and the Rumor Weed for those not fully versed in Veggie Tales the way we are; and Veggie Tales is a Christian animation series with talking vegetables for those of you without kids :-)
DJ: "Mommy just sometimes I am scared, is that fine?"
Mommy:  "It is fine to be scared sometimes DJ, but do you know who can help us when we are scared?"
DJ: "Jesus and God?"
Mommy:  "Yep, God's Word says 'be strong and courageous, do not be afraid..' so if you are feeling scared you can repeat that to yourself and God will help you to be brave." 
DJ:  "Ok, but can Daddy come outside with me so I don't have to be brave now?"
Daddy: (melting into a little puddle) "Let's Go Man!"

Why is our three-year-old afraid?  Does anyone have any advice on helping him through this?  This is an exact conversation we had last night, but it is VERY similar to conversations that we end up having almost everyday.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Things That Mama Made

SO, since my fast from FB I found a new obsession, crafting blogs!  These women are amazing!!!  The things that they create, and then they tell you how to do it!  I was posting things that I made on my Etsy shop FB page, but that was getting confusing.  So now I just think I will share my new creations on here with you all and hopefully you can be inspired to create a few things yourself :) 

This is a cuff bracelet that I made using the tutorial on this site, and this was my second attempt however, because in my first attempt I used felt for the fabric (she says stiff fabric, but felt made me feel like I was about to brave a snow storm not wearing a fun piece of jewelry) 

This is the felt fabric first attempt.  I still thought it was so pretty and I had to find something to do with it.  So I put 2 broach pins on the back and pinned it to my sweater.

Not bad, but its a little long.  I think I might try to find a shirt to pin it on military style?  Who knows!?  That is the fun of it!!!

The Backpacks are finally done (I have only been planning on making them since August).  I made them out of J's old flight suits and J is ordering some patches with the boys names on them so they can look more legit.  They turned out pretty well.  There are definitely things I think I would change if I did them again, but that will NOT be any time soon :)

And finally this is a onsie I made for the IZ.  Why is she not wearing it you ask?  Because Sunday she wore it to church and before I could take a pic of her in it she had a huge blow out diaper.  Today it was clean but I didn't really have the heart to put her in it and make her pose for pictures since she has a bit of a cold and was a pretty pathetic little girl all afternoon.

So here is a picture of a happy Izzy B and some leg warmers I made for my Etsy shop.  We had a photo shoot with a professional photographer of all of my Etsy goodies, so that I can start taking myself a little more seriously.  Thank you so much to all of you who have taken me seriously already! 
More blogs on the babies to come soon...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Twinkle Twinkle

Now, while it seems a little cruel to post this ADORABLE video right after the news about Asher.  I feel that it is really important for us to be normal, to remember that nothing is in our hands, and to post fantastic videos for the grandparents and aunts and uncles who miss these "fresh berries" very much!


Still on a FB fast, but I feel like this is some info that you would all like to have, so I am blogging about it and then sharing on FB, technically still not spending time on FB :) 
We have an answer for Asher's headaches... Chiari 1 Malformation.  In a nutshell the back part of his brain doesn't quite fit in his skull.  This can be very serious or every livable depending on the length of the brain that is exposed, we don't have that answer yet because we are going to need to see a neurosurgeon to get the majority of our answers.  You can read more about Chiari 1 here...
This is a pretty rare disease only .1% of American's are affected, and amazingly enough here in small town USA I know 2 others.  Isn't God awesome?  I have become fast friends with a girl here who came from Charleston a few months ago, we have a ton of things in common,  including good friends, and when she heard about Asher's headaches she told me about her disease, Chiari 1.  She had suffered since she can remember with the symptoms of this and was only diagnosed a few years ago, thank you God that we didn't have to wait years for a diagnosis.  The minute I got off of the phone with our doctor I called her, I feel such peace now having an adult who can tell me what Asher is going through, how to best help him, and share with me all that she has learned.  (E, you are awesome and I am so thankful for you!).  Then we called our pastor for some prayer and as it turns out her grandson (also named Asher) has the same malformation!  So we prayed together and shared information on doctors and symptoms.  J is in the process of putting together a binder of information (If you know him you are giggling to yourself because J has a binder for EVERYTHING) and he is planning on making a few to share with those who we have been bonded together with in this war against Chiari.  If you are curious Asher's symptoms are as follows...
Severe and sudden headaches
Loss of balance
Sleep Apnea
Raspy Voice
and these are the ones that are obvious or he can communicate, my friend E has said that often her hands and feet go numb for no reason and she will have cloudy periods of time where she feels like she is living under a blanket, or in a stupor.  I think that I refer to these times with Asher as his "witching hour" when he whines or cries for no apparent reason and only wants to be held and comforted.
SO, we have an answer as to the what, now we need to find the answers as to the fix.  I will keep you all posted.  Thank you for your love and prayers during this time, I can feel them and I have a wonderful sense of peace that I know could only come from God.  I love and appreciate you all.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let's See...

What is new with the "Freshberry" Family?  Well we still have not heard the results of Asher's MRI.  Which is partly good because that means its nothing major, and partly annoying because my son is still having headaches.  Here is a pic of our brave supermen after the MRI eating "birthday cake" Asher's most favorite treat.
New Years Day we took the kids to see "Tangled" at the "big" movie theater in the city, let them play in the little mall play area (WAY outside of this mom's germ comfort zone), and went to Red Lobster for dinner.  I think we should go to Red Lobster for every dinner now because the boys LOVED it!!  They especially loved looking at the "mobsters" in the tank and when J ordered crab legs for dinner they were obsessed with the claws. 
Gross and Cute at the same time! (well maybe just gross)

Iz is getting bigger every day, she sits up on her own now AND more importantly i put her hair up in her first ponytail.

DJ got a big boy hair cut, he calls it his daddy hair.  When he woke up the morning after getting it cut he said, "look Mama I still have my Daddy hair!"

And finally the most hilarious conversation took place the other night and I have to write it down so we don't forget...
DJ:  "Ash, you want a piece of me?" (like a big tough guy)
Asher: "Nope"
DJ: "AAAAASH!  I said, you want a piece of me?!"
Asher: "Yes, I have a DJ piece"
DJ: "Like Birthday Cake?"
BWAHHAHAH, I know it doesn't come across in written form as hilarious as it was in person, but I am glad I have it written down now, so at least I can remember how stinkin funny it was!

J and I are taking part in our churches 21 day fast this month, starting the year out in prayer and reflection leaving ourselves open to what God wants to do in us and through us this year.  Since I am nursing I can't actually fast food so I am fasting FB.  It has been rather refreshing.  My New Years resolution was to read the whole Bible this year and I am doing it chronologically, so now in the morning over coffee I read the Bible instead of FB and it sets a much better tone for my day.  J is fasting milk which if any of you know him you know that is a super big deal for him.  The other day I caught him eating cereal and I thought he was busted, then it turned out he was eating it with water, ummm yuck, but what ever you got to do I guess.  J told me that no milk feels like he has a big hole in his stomach he can't fill, but that is where God comes in, He fills the big holes in our life. 

I have been painting and sewing and generally creating a ton lately so hopefully in my next post I can share some of that.

The picture that summs up life

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture!  Iz and her crazy morning hair, Asher with Syrup on his face and a dino in his hand, and DJ in a rare moment when he will smile for the camera.  Perfection