Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Just a little word about my little man... my first born.  Getting pregnant with DJ was an answer to a prayer, once we found out he was a boy I prayed that he would be healthy and that he would have the heart of King David for whom he would be named.  King David in the Bible had a heart that mirrored that of God and what could be a bigger blessing than to have a son who worshiped God with all that he was, who was a warrior, who sang and danced, who fessed up when he messed up (not always right away but eventually).  God has answered all of those prayers and I am in awe every day of how DJ exemplifies King David.  I am not saying this is easy, it is hard to have a three-year-old warrior at playgroup.  We have yet to discover the secret to getting DJ to pray from his heart openly and willingly.  He loves music, but hates when I sing (I think that has more to do with my lovely voice).  And DJ is completely run by desire and emotion, he puts very little thought into consequences.  But it is not all hard, when DJ does something wrong he always admits it straight away and takes punishment without question; and he is FUNNY, DJ makes me laugh like no one else. 

DJ likes to vote for the underdog, when he plays dinosaurs the T-Rex is the bigger and the meaner but somehow or another the Stegosaurus always wins.  In his favorite (for the week) book the page with "L is for Ladybugs" shows 4 huge ladybugs surrounding a little green bug who DJ always insists that they want to eat, and in the next breath he tells you how this little green bug won't go down without a fight (David and Goliath anyone?). 

We signed him up for drum lessons hoping to combine his love for music with his desire to hit things, and I also bought a DVD to teach him some dance moves and get some energy out since it is too hot to be outside.  But DJ's favorite inside game?  Wooden spoon sword fights with Daddy, J actually knighted him today! 
This week my funny little man brought his "Stinky" out of bed, big no no, and when I said I would put "Stinky" up on a shelf he held the bear up and in his highest pitch said "oh no mama, don't put me up!"  When I asked him to finish his dinner tonight he looked at me and said "are you serious? That's ridiculous!" 
When I ask him to help his brother or sister his answer is always "I sure can!" and if he wants something he always starts the sentence with "Mama, I have a great idea!"  My son is always showing me how fast he is, how strong he is, or how tough he is, he lives for my approval and acknowledgement, and I live to give it to him.  I love him so much my heart could burst just writing this out, and I just needed to say a few things about my little king.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The First Day of "school"

Yesterday was the first day of "school" and I say "school" in quotes because its really a mothers-day-out program not school per say, and that little disclaimer is for my hubby who could have cared less that "school" started yesterday because it was not real.  Emotions have been running high for a lot of the moms I know this week, little ones off to preschool for the first time, or full time kindergarten.  Facebook is full of pics of the kids in their new school attire and backpacks.  At our house this week was sweet relief, school was back, yeehaw!  I tried in vain to get some cute pics of the boys before we left the house...

As you can see the best pic is the one of the boys lunch boxes ready to go.  The new backpacks aren't ready yet (I am making them out of old flight suits) and lunch was the most exciting thing going yesterday morning, in fact this is the only pic of DJ without the lunchbox in front of his face, and he is striking a pose.  The most miraculous thing of all was that we got to the school on time, and I was not in pajamas, no makeup but no pajamas either, even Iz was dressed.  I dropped each boy off in his own classroom, no small feat since each boy had...
 a lunch box,
a backpack,
a mat for sleeping on and a blanket,
DJ had a bear (NOT stinky) and Asher his blankie and paci (he calls them gugu and bite),
tissue boxes
and wipes for the classroom. 
There were no tears, not from the boys and surly not from Mama.  As I drove away looking at the moms still sitting in their cars unable to leave their babies I wondered if there may be something wrong with me that I felt so, well, giddy.  SO, if yesterday was the first day of school, why am I writing this post today instead of yesterday when I only had Iz around the house?  The answer my friend is that I literally did not sit down one time yesterday.  Dropped the boys off, had a dentist appointment, came home to nurse Iz and shovel some food in my face, cut coupons, went grocery shopping, went to post office, time to pick up boys, came home, put Iz to sleep and a snack for the boys so I can put groceries away, nurse Iz again, make dinner, feed family, bath, bedtime, laundry.  SERIOUSLY!!! 

And that is why even "stay-at-home" moms need a mothers day out!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Most Loved Girl in the World!

My daughter happens to be the most loved girl in the world, I am pretty sure. This afternoon she spit up while I was holding her and Asher grabbed the bottom of my shirt (that I was wearing) and wiped her mouth off with it. Every day is a battle between the brothers to see who can kiss her more, who can make her smile bigger, and even who gets to throw away her stinky diapers. When her Daddy comes home all he wants is to hold and kiss her sweet face, even if it means he might wake her up and he will have to face the wrath of Mama! I watch in awe as Iz experiences what every girl desires, she captivates the men around her. They love her fiercely and with all that they have they will protect her and console her and most of all let her know that she is special. God knew what he was doing when He gave us our Iz, she will be something special that is for sure, how could she not with love like this all around her.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


This morning was great, as great as any morning can be at 7am after each of the three kids woke up at least once through the night. It began with my three-year-olds face pressed up against mine with a HUGE grin and enthusiastic "Good morning Mama!" He then promptly climbed into bed carrying ALL things from his bed to include 2 blankets and his Stinky (a bear that he has had since he was 6 months old dubbed stinky because he chews on its ear and it stinks no matter how often I wash it). Then I hear the one year old yell "Mommy? Daddy? (pronounced Dayyyi)" and my husband quickly ran off to retrieve him from crib prison. My boys and I cuddled and kissed and watched Daddy finish getting ready for work and when he was out the door we were off... Change Asher, take DJ potty, let the dog out to potty, feed the cat, feed the dog, ask the boys what they want for breakfast; DJ says "NO, NO BREAKFAST!" and Ashey smiles and says "food?" then of course DJ has an opinion, this morning it was cereal. The boys clung to my legs between me and the counter, as I tried to pour bowls of cereal, arguing over who got which bowl (the bowls by the way, completely identical). I trip over them to get to the table and set the bowls down when Ashey immediately demands "poon!!" and DJ says "Mama, you forgot the milk!" Quickly as I can I grab milk and spoons and sippy cups (because I know that is the next request) and go to retrieve Iz who has been sweetly cooing in her crib for 10 minutes but is beginning to cry. I change her and bring her to the kitchen where both boys beg for hugs and kisses from their bubbie (AKA Iz), I pour myself a cup of coffee and sit to nurse sweet Iz, I look across the table at my messy boys faces and into the adoring eyes of my baby girl I thank God that this is my morning, every morning.