Thursday, September 30, 2010

Five Years

So, tomorrow morning is our 5 year wedding anniversary and right now J is packing up to fly in an air show *insert pout here* I did, however,  insist that we sit down together as a family and watch our wedding video.  It was actually a really fun time, we all piled on the bed where I nursed Iz, Asher kept yelling "mommy, mommy watch!" and then threw himself on his backside, and DJ was excited in the way that only DJ can get excited about the fact that he knew just about everyone on the TV, though he did keep asking, "where are DJ and Asher?" J and I only caught bits and pieces amongst the chaos, but it was really nice to look back.  Here are the things that I learned...
#1 We have both put on a few lbs and I think we may never go back to looking as HOT as we did that day.
#2  I am more in love with J today than I was that day, something I once thought impossible!
#3  While I never in a million years imagined that I would be spending my 5th wedding anniversary running around with 3 kids 3 years-old and younger, I am so blessed that I am!!

J is my eagle.  Eagles mate for life, and I know that J will be my husband forever in this lifetime and the next.  Eagles continue to build on their nest and have new chicks every year *wink* they work together to feed and protect their chicks, to teach them how to fly and encourage them to leave the nest.  I am so blessed to have J as a partner in raising our children.  He is an amazing dad, and all his strengths as a father are where I am lacking as a mother.  Our children are the incredible product of Gods beautiful handy work, my ferocious affection, and J's big bear hugs and guiding hands.  Eagle's are the kings of the sky and the sky is where they are truly at home, anyone who knows J knows this is true of him.  Thank you J for an amazing 5 years, I cannot wait to see what happens the next 55!!  I will fly with you anywhere, anytime.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hilarious and Horrible

Because I have been a little wordy lately, my own hubby almost fell asleep reading my last post, this will be short and sweet all of the things my short sweet babies have been up to this week...

DJ showed some major courage when he DESTROYED J's childhood car book (a book that he looks at with J all the time and he LOVES!) and I told him that when J got home he would be very sad and DJ would have to apologize, and show Daddy what he did.  This caused DJ to break out in tears randomly throughout the day worried about hurting his Daddy or making Daddy mad at him.  First thing when J walked in the door DJ told him, "Daddy I have a dangerous problem, I broke your car book and I am so very sorry.  I will show it to you."  Blew me away, I knew that he was sick to his stomach with worry about this very moment all day, yet he pulled himself together and faced it straight on first thing, so proud!

While the boys were eating fish sticks I stepped out to change Iz and when I returned Asher was covered in head to toe ketchup and before I could say a word he said, "Mommy, I paint!"

DJ named his gigantic stuffed horse "Panto" and went riding it around shouting, "YeeHaw Cowboy, Howdy Partner," and "I am looking for a dangerous creeeeeeepy bad guy mommy."

During a terrible thunderstorm in the middle of the night a scared Ashey insisted on "holding" his mommy and slept on my chest like a newborn *sigh* <3

I set the boys down to color while I cooked dinner and when I checked on them I caught DJ "decorating" his brother.  This left me with 2 options, #1 get mad and take the markers and coloring sheets away or #2 strip them both down to skivvies and let them go to town decorating each other and throw them in a bubble bath before dinner, I chose option #2 and I am so glad I did!

And while Iz has done nothing hilarious or horrible she is quite possibly the most beautiful baby I have ever seen and I catch myself daily just staring in awe of her beauty so thankful that she is mine!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shower Power

Friends and Family, while I still have yet to write about our AWESOME adventure to Arbuckel Wildlife Park, I have to share what happened tonight.  First of all lets rewind a bit so I can tell you that last night I had a near mental breakdown, between a crying Iz that I could not put down without one of her brothers harassing her into screams, DJ flipping his dinner plate onto his lap (grilled chicken, couscous, and salad with ranch), Asher tossing my camera onto the floor, and a very rainy day that started at 6am (after I had a night of 5 total hours sleep and not consecutively) with no coffee to be had because I desperately needed to go grocery shopping, I was pretty much a mess when J got home at 6.  J walked in and I took Iz and walked out, where to you ask, why to the walmart of course to do the desperate grocery shopping... but at least I was out of the house and away from my naughty naughty boys; mommy needed a break.  When I got home J put all the groceries away, I put Iz to bed and was in bed myself at 9:30, only one feeding last night and no getting up from the boys until around 6:30 this morning which was fine because today was the glorious mothers day out!!!  I did nothing all morning, got my hair done after lunch (its fab by the way) before I went to pick up the boys completely recharged.  After a lovely dinner (by the way is it 8pm now and Iz has been asleep since 4pm and yes she is alive because I keep going in to poke her but I will not wake a sleeping baby) I gave Asher a bath while DJ took trash out with Daddy and just for kicks I asked DJ if he would like to shower instead of take a bath, to my surprise he said yes and was stripped down and in my shower before I could say boo.  I turned the water on for him and went to get the baby soap and when I returned to the bathroom he was already "cleaning himself" with J's bar of soap "like a big boy."  DJ then informed me that it was time to shave and he needed his shaver, I just so happen to have one of those "razors" that has no blade so I gave it to him, then he pointed to J's shaving cream and said "Mama, that too!" so I put a little on his cheeks and melted into a puddle as he began to shave, I ran to get J and my camera and when I came back this is what I found
Head to toe shaving cream!!!

It was SO AWESOME!  Then of course Asher came in to see all the commotion and had to shave his face too!
Have I ever mentioned that I love being the mom of boys?!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010


AKA: Sher Sher and Ashey (which J does not think should have a y but I do and its my blog so there!)

I realized I have given Iz her own post and DJ his own post, so before I post about how my sweet family was stargazing in my bedroom in the middle of the day or about the adventure we are about to have tomorrow, it is my pleasure to write a bit about my sweet Ashey.  Born when DJ was 17months old I was so scared, how could another baby possibly hold a candle to DJ who melted the hearts of all who came with in a 2 foot radius of him.  Could we possibly love another child as much?  The answer was, those are stupid questions!  Asher is a different child, he cannot be compared to his brother because there is no comparison, he is his own very special brand of amazing, the same way we all are, the way that God created us to be.  Asher had colic which  means that from the moment he was 2 weeks old until the day he turned 12 weeks old he did nothing but cry, all day, all night, cry.  For some reason I think this made me love him ferociously, I knew that no one but his mommy could accept and deal with this unbelievable crying and so I never fully trusted anyone to be with him for any extended period of time, including his daddy.  So it was the two of us fighting the storm of colic together, sleeping together every night and holding him on my hip every day.  Thank the Good Lord for my mom and her husband who let me move in with them while J was away 2 of those three months.  I know I would not have made it on my own!  Now Asher is the sweetest most loving little boy I have ever even heard of.  He hugs and kisses, cuddles and giggles ALL the time.  He is beginning to enter the terrible twos but even in his outright defiance I grin because he is so stinkin cute.  Asher attends a mothers day out program and his teachers wrote on his daily report yesterday, "Asher is such a great boy, so sweet, and we love him so much!"  Asher has been in school a total of 4 days so far, and they love him so much, that is definitely one of my boys.  I hope that they are melting hearts like this forever.  There are so many things that I love about my Asher I can only list a few here;  I love that when he smiles his eyes close because his cheeks are so fat, I love the way he says "mommy, mommy, mommy" always three times before he can get the actual words out, I love that when we hold him he rubs the back of our necks with his chubby hand, and I love the way he gives us all 100 unsolicited kisses a day.  My sweet man is about to be two and I can't wait to discover all of the other millions of things I will love about him.
To Be Continued...