Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Life Continued...

Now that we live in Altus OK we have embraced what it means to really have a fun Saturday night, last Saturday we went to a monster truck show at the local track after which there where trailer races! Apparently locals enter their very junky cars into trailer races once a year. Your junk car pulls a trailer carrying whatever you like (one guy had a junk boat, another guy had a recliner and a bucket of water) then you race around the track trying to knock the trailers off of one another's cars, the last car with a trailer attached wins. It was literally the greatest most absurd thing I have ever seen and I plan on going every year! We are also very excited about upcoming Halloween/fall festival coming up and DJ and his daddy are going to dress up together. DJ will be a lion and Daddy will be a lion tamer, it should be very cute. Asher and I couldn't wait to dress up, I decided we should be a pumpkin... video

Life Life Life

SO, we are back from Colorado and we had an amazing time visiting our family and friends and we wore ourselves out! Asher is still in the oven cooking away and I am feeling torn between keeping him safe and sound in there and being DONE with being pregnant. DJ has been terribly sick with a virus this past week and we have taken more pictures of him because we have never seen anything so pathetic in our lives.