Friday, May 2, 2008

The Family's Last Visit to the SC

Hey Kids! Sorry there hasn't been any posts in awhile, sick with baby, getting ready to move, and parent's in town equal NO POSTS! But here are some pics of the last week. Jesse's parents and my mom and her husband came for one last visit to the SC before we move and we all had a blast! We went to the firefighter museum which was a blast because Jesse's dad is a retired firefighter. We took everyone to Cypress Gardens where you can take a boat through the swamp and see live alligators, walk through a butterfly pavilion, an alligator sanctuary, and a mini aquarium. We had a great time and my mom's husband, Mike, got some great pics I can post later since I forgot my camera. The next day was the airshow which was great and LOUD, and Sunday we hit church and then down town where we of course took a carriage tour. All in all it was a fantastic and busy trip that we truly enjoyed and are still recovering from!

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