Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Life Continued...

Now that we live in Altus OK we have embraced what it means to really have a fun Saturday night, last Saturday we went to a monster truck show at the local track after which there where trailer races! Apparently locals enter their very junky cars into trailer races once a year. Your junk car pulls a trailer carrying whatever you like (one guy had a junk boat, another guy had a recliner and a bucket of water) then you race around the track trying to knock the trailers off of one another's cars, the last car with a trailer attached wins. It was literally the greatest most absurd thing I have ever seen and I plan on going every year! We are also very excited about upcoming Halloween/fall festival coming up and DJ and his daddy are going to dress up together. DJ will be a lion and Daddy will be a lion tamer, it should be very cute. Asher and I couldn't wait to dress up, I decided we should be a pumpkin... video

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