Thursday, June 5, 2008

We Made it to the OK

Let me start by appologizing for my lack of bloging, we just found our computers got the internet hooked up and cleared a place for me to sit. So where to begin... the last month has brought about so many changes for our family I think my head is still spinning. We had a wonderful going away party with our Charleston family and we had some AMAZING friends come and help us to clean and pack up right before we left.
We took DJ for his first trip to the beach which he thuroughly enjoyed for about an hour then he was done! Then we celebrated mothers day and our last Seacoast service with the Stuckeys and the Pamily with a lot of kids and a lot of fun! And finally the day before we left we had dinner with the Kinney's and the Stuckeys in a tearful goodbye to Charleston. Leaving for OK took a little bit longer then we thought and my plan of DJ sleeping for 4 of the 6 hours on the road was a JOKE! The child did not sleep!! My Dad who came along for the road trip was priceless, especially with this kid! Arriving in OK we stayed in a dorm room on base until we could get water and electricity and gas to our new house. And ever since then we have been spending every day unpacking and chasing after the very quick crawling David Jospeh! DJ's first Birthday was Tuesday and though he did not have a big party we did get his first haircut (WAY too short for mommy's taste) and we took him to Applebees for a big Birthday dinner out. Thank you to everyone who called, who is remembering us in their prayers and who is just loving us from afar!! We miss you all more than you could know and we can't wait to see you again! P.S. I felt new baby moving for the first time last night and I just found out that the OB I have been sent to is my next door neighbor, interesting. Will try to write again soon!!

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