Saturday, August 23, 2008

I seriously live in Oklahoma

So to kick off the rodeo festivities starting this weekend Altus Oklahoma had, what else, but a cattle drive through the base!!! No joke cowboys and whips and long horn steer making their way through Altus Air Force Base. It was great! I took DJ to the "staging" area where the cows and the cowboys were waiting for the round up and he got to pet some of the horses (my friend Shannon has that picture) and we were really close to the cows too as you can see by my stellar photography. Later that night we went to the rodeo which was great as well, but I forgot my camera. Anyhow, I guess we are truly in cowboy country now!
P.S. There were even men in flight suits on horseback, now that is something you do not see every day!


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Nathan, Kathy, and Elizabeth Phillips said...

That is great! How fun! DJ is getting so are you feeling?