Monday, August 4, 2008


I know I haven't posted for awhile, but for some reason I feel this pressure that every time I post I should have pics. Unfortunately since life isn't really all that exciting here in the OK I haven't taken many. So this will be a picture less post! My original intent was to post pictures of my new kitchen that we are working on, but the progress is slower than expected so those pics should come in about a month or so. I was going to post the ultrasound picture of new baby Asher but, much like his big brother DJ, Asher refused to cooperate and his ultrasound has him looking like a dinosaur fossil and not a sweet baby. Just once I would like a perfect profile shot of a baby in my womb. I know that pictures of my belly would be nice but Jesse is working his hiney off so there isn't really anyone around to take belly shots for me. We did however just have some professional family/maternity/one year old pictures taken that I can hopefully post some time soon. I do have a great picture of DJ stuck underneath a stool that is fairly amusing and I would post now except that I can't seem to find my camera anywhere and if I did not use this time I have right now to post it probably would have taken me another week. We have found a good church home here in Altus, it is about as big as the chapel at Seacoast but the people are lovely and they have really made an effort to make our family feel welcome and at home with them. I have done nothing with Jesse's new squadron, but I am planning on it soon. DJ is starting a mothers morning out program next Thursday for 2 days a week 9-2:30 and I promise to post pics of his first day of school! This weekend we are heading to CO for a few days to attend Jesse's 10 year high school reunion which should be great fun and I promise to post those pictures too! Have a blessed day, We miss you!!!


The Stuckey Family: said...

OK...go get the camera and go into the nearest bathroom or place with a mirror. Look at the mirror and will be better than nothing. We need pictures lady! :)

Kinney Kids Parents said...

So what you are saying is I have to come out there and take the pictures myself?
I'm starting to forget what you and the family look like....:(
We miss you!