Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

As we are getting ready to pack up the boys and go see Christmas lights I am reminded of last Christmas in Charleston and all of the ways God has blessed me in this last year. Last Christmas we were very fortunate to spend Christmas with our dear friends the Kinney's, because of Jesse's unpredictable schedule we haven't gone home to Colorado for Christmas in some time so having unbelievable friends around us has been such a blessing at this time of year. This year we are spending Christmas with some new friends and with a new member of our family, Asher James. I cannot believe that God has found me worthy to be the mother of not one, but two amazing little boys. I am really looking forward to teaching them about an amazing God who has blessed our family, with not only love, but eternal life through His son Jesus Christ. Which is really what we are celebrating on Thursday, the birth of Jesus. I pray for all of you, that we remember the reason for Christmas, and remember the amazing things that God has blessed you with this year. We love and miss our friends in Charleston this time of year, so we hope you a ll are doing wonderfully and celebrating with one another. We miss our family and friends in Colorado too, but here is some good news... Jesse will be going to training for 5 weeks starting at the beginning of January; so the boys and I will be spending the month in Colorado! YEA! We will see you there! We love you all and thanks for keeping up with us! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Kinney Kids Parents said...

We missed you too! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and may God bless you (with a trip to Charleston) in 2009.
Tradd just said "I haven't seen them in a LOOOOONNNGGG time."
Love ya and miss ya

Audrey said...

Hey girl, just found your blog. No fair, you get to leave Altus for a month! :) Corban will miss DJ at MDO. Hope you had a great Christmas!!