Friday, August 20, 2010

The First Day of "school"

Yesterday was the first day of "school" and I say "school" in quotes because its really a mothers-day-out program not school per say, and that little disclaimer is for my hubby who could have cared less that "school" started yesterday because it was not real.  Emotions have been running high for a lot of the moms I know this week, little ones off to preschool for the first time, or full time kindergarten.  Facebook is full of pics of the kids in their new school attire and backpacks.  At our house this week was sweet relief, school was back, yeehaw!  I tried in vain to get some cute pics of the boys before we left the house...

As you can see the best pic is the one of the boys lunch boxes ready to go.  The new backpacks aren't ready yet (I am making them out of old flight suits) and lunch was the most exciting thing going yesterday morning, in fact this is the only pic of DJ without the lunchbox in front of his face, and he is striking a pose.  The most miraculous thing of all was that we got to the school on time, and I was not in pajamas, no makeup but no pajamas either, even Iz was dressed.  I dropped each boy off in his own classroom, no small feat since each boy had...
 a lunch box,
a backpack,
a mat for sleeping on and a blanket,
DJ had a bear (NOT stinky) and Asher his blankie and paci (he calls them gugu and bite),
tissue boxes
and wipes for the classroom. 
There were no tears, not from the boys and surly not from Mama.  As I drove away looking at the moms still sitting in their cars unable to leave their babies I wondered if there may be something wrong with me that I felt so, well, giddy.  SO, if yesterday was the first day of school, why am I writing this post today instead of yesterday when I only had Iz around the house?  The answer my friend is that I literally did not sit down one time yesterday.  Dropped the boys off, had a dentist appointment, came home to nurse Iz and shovel some food in my face, cut coupons, went grocery shopping, went to post office, time to pick up boys, came home, put Iz to sleep and a snack for the boys so I can put groceries away, nurse Iz again, make dinner, feed family, bath, bedtime, laundry.  SERIOUSLY!!! 

And that is why even "stay-at-home" moms need a mothers day out!

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