Tuesday, August 17, 2010


This morning was great, as great as any morning can be at 7am after each of the three kids woke up at least once through the night. It began with my three-year-olds face pressed up against mine with a HUGE grin and enthusiastic "Good morning Mama!" He then promptly climbed into bed carrying ALL things from his bed to include 2 blankets and his Stinky (a bear that he has had since he was 6 months old dubbed stinky because he chews on its ear and it stinks no matter how often I wash it). Then I hear the one year old yell "Mommy? Daddy? (pronounced Dayyyi)" and my husband quickly ran off to retrieve him from crib prison. My boys and I cuddled and kissed and watched Daddy finish getting ready for work and when he was out the door we were off... Change Asher, take DJ potty, let the dog out to potty, feed the cat, feed the dog, ask the boys what they want for breakfast; DJ says "NO, NO BREAKFAST!" and Ashey smiles and says "food?" then of course DJ has an opinion, this morning it was cereal. The boys clung to my legs between me and the counter, as I tried to pour bowls of cereal, arguing over who got which bowl (the bowls by the way, completely identical). I trip over them to get to the table and set the bowls down when Ashey immediately demands "poon!!" and DJ says "Mama, you forgot the milk!" Quickly as I can I grab milk and spoons and sippy cups (because I know that is the next request) and go to retrieve Iz who has been sweetly cooing in her crib for 10 minutes but is beginning to cry. I change her and bring her to the kitchen where both boys beg for hugs and kisses from their bubbie (AKA Iz), I pour myself a cup of coffee and sit to nurse sweet Iz, I look across the table at my messy boys faces and into the adoring eyes of my baby girl I thank God that this is my morning, every morning.


Mel said...

love this... I thank God for you too... it is so precious.XO.

Stacey said...

I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the best morning ever, actually. And you ARE so blessed to see those faces every day. I'm excited that you're blogging again and will be dutifully checking and rechecking for stories and photos. We miss you.