Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

"Trick or Treat" sounds its sweetest out of the mouths of two-year-olds.  I am convinced that is how my sons came home with literally their weight in candy after only an hour of trick or treating.  That, and the fact they are the CUTEST stinkin kids EVER!!!  This year's Halloween was the greatest of my 29 years here on earth, the weather was beautiful, we were with great friends and their fun kids, and trick or treating on base is so nice and safe and carefree.  We decided this year (well DJ decided for us) that we would all be marvel super heroes...
DJ was the Hulk
Asher was Captain America
J was Wolverine
I was Spider man
and Iz was the spider that bit me

We had so much fun!!!  DJ led the way up every driveway to every bowl of candy, Asher kept yelling "Mommy, Mommy, watch!" and he would leap (it's a leap for him anyway) off the curb and onto the street.  I stood with a grin on my face, trying to be humble as the people around me gasped and gushed about the adorableness of my kids.  Thank you GOD for the gift of this family and the fun memories that we get to share with one another!

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Mel said...

I have been pining all day at the thought of them... Thank you for posting. I lvoe you guys.