Sunday, October 10, 2010

the view in my rearview mirror

While I am driving around town I can't help but stare into my rear view mirror (dangerous I know, and I try to keep it limited to stoplights only) at this beautiful family that I have been blessed with.  I think back to the things I used to see in the rear view...
In High School I saw my friends singing, and smoking, and having a ball.
In College I saw my friends singing, drinking and puking, and having a ball.
When I married J I would imagine a car seat in my cute little Mercedes, then I had DJ and there was a car seat in my cute little Mercedes.  I remember driving home from work on the bridge between Mt. Pleasant and North Charleston, stuck in traffic, watching DJ's head bend to such an angle while he was sleeping that I thought for sure it was broken, then I would start to panic because stuck on the bridge there is no pulling over to check and make sure he was still alive :)
Then Asher came and we sold my cute Mercedes and got a *gasp* minivan!  Then I would watch and listen as DJ pointed out every car or truck and Asher screamed at the top of his lungs, until finally the day came we could turn him around! 
Now I look into my rear view mirror and I see my two sweet boys, DJ singing along to KLOVE bopping his head to the beat, Asher trying to catch my eye so he can say "hi mommy" with a shy little smile that makes his eyes go squinty from his fat cheeks.  All I can see of sweet baby Iz, in the mirror that faces her, is tiny feet which she has just discovered and she LOVES so they are always in the air, always in her hands.  I can listen to Iz's squeals of delight as DJ makes funny faces at her, and DJ and Asher having some very important brother conversations about types of cars and trucks, and that all animals are not called "moo" regardless of what Asher seems to think. 
Far gone are the days when my car was a lonely or peaceful place.  When I sneeze there are people in the car who say "bless you mommy" and when the radio plays a great song there are voices in the back shouting turn it up! 
I love the view in my rear view mirror and I am trying my hardest to remember exactly what I see in it today, because I know what I see tomorrow will be different; just as amazing, just as magical, but drastically different.


Mel said...

SHUT UP! You ake me cry every time.

Anonymous said...

BEST rearview mirror view EVER.

Sandy Meiner said...

I expecially LOVED this post today.