Friday, April 22, 2011

Will I Ever...

Again, its been awhile, and J informs me that these moments are precious and I am missing them by not writing them all down.  I do agree with him some funny stuff is going on right now, like Asher suddenly deciding that diapers are the worst so he just takes them off and runs around naked.  Generally cute and adorable and I have taken tons of pics (which you all will unfortunately never see because I have to draw the line somewhere), but really memorable when he takes off a poopy diaper and then jumps into J's arms!  DJ is very into the 10 Commandments right now and every other conversation we have is about God's rules, which I really love.  With Easter right around the corner I found these clips and used Resurrection eggs (mine are homemade b/c I forgot to order them) tonight to teach the boys the real reason we celebrate Easter.  DJ is pretty stuck on the whole crucifixion part, so I just know that my conversations for the next month or so will be on the challenging side to say the least.  Izzy is just a crack up always giggling and being adorable.  Its so hard to believe that she is almost one, she still seems like such a baby to me, probably because she is so petite and still has no teeth.  She is starting to say words like daddy, done, bra (which I am pretty sure means brother) and mama.

Last weekend we had the greatest Saturday, the kind of day that just makes you sigh.

We took the whole family on a long bike ride that ended at Braums for some cheese burgers and ice cream. Like I said a perfect day.

While I know that these days and these moments are fleeting and precious I just can't help but to feel like there are some things that there will never be an end to, like...
will I ever take a shower / poop / talk on the phone in peace again?
will I ever be on time anywhere ever again?
will my children always use me like a glorified paper towel?
will I ever leave somewhere and make it from the door to putting my car in drive in less than 20 minutes?
will I ever sleep an uninterrupted 8+ hours again?
Can I leave a store without having my bra flashed to at least 5 strangers?
Can I make a dinner that pleases all of my family members and can I do it without getting pants'd?
Will I ever make it through a whole day without feeling guilty about some parenting choice I made?
Will I ever go a whole day without loosing my cool?
Can I keep the super human mommy power to fix anything with a kiss?
Will my boys always ask me to "rock a bit" when it's time for bed?

OK, the last two would actually be dreams come true, but you get my point.  I just can't see that these things end, do they?  What would you add to this list?  And if you are a seasoned mommy, what things do end and you find yourself missing?  I am just a little curious...

Until I have all the answers I guess I will just keep loving ferociously, cleaning constantly, crying occasionally, laughing often, and of course blogging so I can look back and remember when.

sweet Izzy in her PJ's, I could snuggle her all day long!
This is one of DJ's epic battles that he creates daily in our playroom, the kid is a warrior in his soul!

Don't you just want to eat him up?!!!

Our Major Daddy, comes home for work and is immediately placed on dragon duty :)

Please forgive my poor photo quality, crappy camera + zero patients for editing = these pictures

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