Sunday, March 13, 2011

Turning 30

Well I realize that I have not posted in quite awhile, things have been buzzing along like crazy here at the hive and I just haven't had the chance to take a breath, but yesterday I turned 30 and I realized that life is too short not to stop and breath. So here I am **BIG EXHALE** to write about my family and remember the things that are important now, for they will be forgotten tomorrow unless they are written.

I am actually going to start this post with me for a change, I had what some might consider a very boring birthday, but it was heaven to me!! A date with my J, which literally was an hour long dinner b/c we live in the smallest town ever. We went to the one restaurant that had a wait so we felt too guilty to loiter at our table drinking margs like we originally planned. Instead we came home and cuddled while watching Robin Hood. At first I was disappointed until I had the revelation that if I, at the age of 20, could see what my life would be at the age of 30, would be overjoyed.  Then to emphesize my point, sweet J made  plans with some dear friends to meet at a park with our kids and the pint sized 4-wheelers.  J brought a cake and candles (just a 3 b/c he forgot the 0) and we had a blast.  My little birthday party at 30 reminded me of one I would have at 3 (appropriate since that's what my cake said).  I am in a wonderful marriage with a man who Loves me with a capitol L. We have BEAUTIFUL, sweet, and amazing children whom we Love with a capitol L. I get to stay home with my babies to experience every first, every smile, every tear. And yet I still get to have a creative outlet through my sewing, and at this point my creative sewing endeavors are beginning to pay for themselves. Who knows this year I might even contribute to the family income (probably not, but that's fine with me). I have amazing friends from all over the world and their outpouring of love yesterday brought me to tears.  I even got to meet some of these amazing friends to have drinks last night, real drinks at a real bar. It's wonderful to be thirty, I can't wait to see what happens in the next 10 years.
What's new with the babies?

DJ is becoming cooler and cooler with every day that passes, just becoming much more of a little boy and such a delight to be around. He is really starting to miss his daddy a ton, and whenever J leaves for work we deal with some mini depressions. I am so thankful to be here in OK where the ops tempo is nowhere near what is was in SC. My favorite things he says right now are "Hokima City" (Oklahoma City) and "Mama, I can't stop growing because I am just bigger and bigger and bigger!" He also tells me, as he performs feats of strength, "wanna see I'm strong of it?"
Asher is the naughtiest child on earth, SO NAUGHTY!! But with his huge cheeks that make his eyes disappear when he smiles (oh, and those huge teeth that light up my life) I always end up giggling as I punish him, sending mixed signals to say the least! Asher can officially come and go from his bed as he pleases, so we will be moving him to the bottom floor of the "stuck together" bed very soon, which is a huge milestone. Asher still gives me 100 kisses a day and is the ultimate mama's boy. My favorite thing he says right now is "of course" instead of yes or no.
"Asher, do you want to play?"
"Of Course!"
"Asher, did you hit your sister?"
"Of course not!"
Its hysterical.
My Izzy is crawling and pulling up and making my every moment with her better than the last. She is barely surviving life with 2 big brothers, I don't know how many times a day I pull a brother off of her head, snatch her from her brothers well meaning arms as they try to pick her up, or finger swipe a sticker or car part or other small toy that made its way up from the play room into her mouth. Izzy has a smile and a glow about her that stops even strangers in their tracks. What an overwhelming job that lies in front of me to make her humble and sweet, to make sure that she knows the light inside of her is a gift from God to be used for His glory, not her own.
J is continuing to excel at work and has been so blessed to be able to fly his plane in air shows and travel all over lately. We miss him at home, but he is surely out living his childhood dreams, and what could be more amazing than that?
Sorry for the long post, if you made it this far I promise to be back more frequently!


diggerswife said...

You, miss Amber, and all of the little "fresh" berries are such a cool refreshing drink in the desert of life. You and your family bring so much joy to all of us and I am sure to our Creator as well. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you.

Nicole said...

You brought tears to my eyes. So glad you are in such a good place at 30 and that most importantly your happy and blessed. Love you old friend!