Saturday, July 23, 2011

Super Mommy!

When you are a parent I think it is truly incredible the roles that you adapt to and become. How awesome that God gives us Grace to be able to do all that parenthood requires of us, He makes us SUPER. I have lately found myself feeling like quite the detective. It even goes beyond discovering where (or who) that funky smell is coming from, beyond telling if a mess could be chocolate or poop by sight alone, it goes beyond...

All summer long Ash has been waking up several times a night, and just recently I think I discovered why, he was cold. Ash was wearing the same summer pajamas as his brother and sister, but DJ insists on sleeping fully covered (even his face) every night under a big blanket and we have closed all the vents in Iz's room because it tends to get freezing when the AC is running; but poor little Ash refuses to use his covers and he sleeps right next to a vent. A few weeks ago I put him in some long feety pajamas and he slept through the night. Score 1!
Lately, DJ is struggling in the preschool program in church. J was called out several times a few weeks ago because DJ was lying under a folding chair and refusing to come out, and then sitting in a corner (arms crossed, grumpy frown and all) refusing to move or participate. That kind of disobedience calls for a punishment, it used to be that if you misbehaved at church you would not get a doughnut (our Sunday ritual). That was until the Sunday DJ said to me, "that's fine mom, I don't want a doughnut any way." I had to sit down and look through everything we did on Sundays, what could be turning DJ into such a monster. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, low blood sugar! When my kids start REALLY acting out I have to run through the check list

#1 are they hungry
#2 are they sleepy
#3 do they have a dirty diaper or in DJ's case when did he last use the potty. I swear DJ would hold it in until his bladder literally burst if we didn't make him go, and having a super swollen bladder makes him a crazy super grouch!

In this case while every other day of the week my kids eat breakfast, have a mid morning snack, and lunch around 11:30, on Sundays we fed them breakfast and nothing else until lunch around 12:30. No wonder DJ was crabby! We have now implemented snack time in the car on our way to church and a potty break as soon as we arrive. DJ is a different kid in class now, the teacher even used the word amazing where before she had used the word barbaric. Score 2!

Everywhere I go I feel like one of those detectives who rolls into a restaurant and within minutes can tell you the eye color of the waitress and describe the tattoo of the man sitting at the bar. Except I can tell you things like, the if the toilet lid was up when I walked by the bathroom, if the glass of milk is about to spill even if I am across the kitchen. When we walk into a new place I instantly know the things that my kids will tear apart, crawl up, and get stuck inside of, so I act accordingly. I wonder how I should use this finely honed skill once my kids get older. Can I use it to tell if they really just went to the movies, or if they really don't have homework after school. Who knows? But one thing is for sure, nothing is getting by this Mama (OK probably some things, but not a lot of things). I am excited to see what other Super Powers motherhood has in store for me.

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