Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Tail of 2 Puppies

So here is what has been happening in the Household! A few weeks ago when Jesse got home from his run he noticed something was going on in the backyard, upon further investigation he discovered that a puppy had made its way under our fence and was hiding in the corner of the yard. This poor guy was scared to death and covered in fleas and ticks, so we made the decision to take him to the vet immediately. When we picked him up later that afternoon we were told he was a border collie mix about 9 weeks old and had been outside for several days based on the 200+ ticks they had removed from him and the soars that covered his legs. We decided to call the new puppy Winglet (a part of the C-17), and even though Jesse told me I couldn't keep him, I knew that we probably would. We spent a week checking the paper and the Internet for someone looking for a lost dog and found nothing. About a week after Winglet arrived we were getting ready for church when a less than thrilled Jesse called me into the backyard and there we found ANOTHER PUPPY! We watched him wriggle his way under our fence run right up to Winglet, and they immediately began to lick and play with each other. New puppy was black and white like Winglet and a bit shorter and we are pretty certain they are brothers. New puppy was wearing a flea collar and didn't seem to be in such bad shape, so he didn't get a trip to the vet, we just put him in the garage and decided to deal with it after church. New puppy was even sweeter than Winglet (hard to do), and man did they love DJ they couldn't get enough of him, it was adorable. At this point though I knew Jesse would certainly not let me keep 2 puppies, and the thought of separating the two of them was unthinkable to me, after all, new puppy had traveled all the way to our backyard to find his brother! We stepped up our efforts to find their owners to no avail, and I thought maybe, just maybe, I had 2 puppies to add to my ever expanding family. Then the neighbor came over, she knew right away the puppies would be perfect for her son who just lost 2 dogs and was heart broken. The son, and his wife and kids, came over and fell in love (just as we had), and decided to take both puppies. They now live on a big ranch just outside of town and we can visit whenever we want. I miss the puppies terribly and basically bawled like a baby for days when they left (that may have something to do with the fact that I am pregnant and my maternal nature is on overload) but we prayed over them and we know that these puppies are blessing the lives of a new family, after they blessed ours.


The Stuckey Family: said...

You made the wise choice! :)

The Stuckey Family: said...

It's time to update the blog again...we are dying over here in SC!!!!! We need pictures!!!!!

Kinney Kids Parents said...

I WANT AN UPDATE AND PICTURES...I'm missing you all too much - I need pictures or you need to move back - it's your choice.

Love ya!