Thursday, September 30, 2010

Five Years

So, tomorrow morning is our 5 year wedding anniversary and right now J is packing up to fly in an air show *insert pout here* I did, however,  insist that we sit down together as a family and watch our wedding video.  It was actually a really fun time, we all piled on the bed where I nursed Iz, Asher kept yelling "mommy, mommy watch!" and then threw himself on his backside, and DJ was excited in the way that only DJ can get excited about the fact that he knew just about everyone on the TV, though he did keep asking, "where are DJ and Asher?" J and I only caught bits and pieces amongst the chaos, but it was really nice to look back.  Here are the things that I learned...
#1 We have both put on a few lbs and I think we may never go back to looking as HOT as we did that day.
#2  I am more in love with J today than I was that day, something I once thought impossible!
#3  While I never in a million years imagined that I would be spending my 5th wedding anniversary running around with 3 kids 3 years-old and younger, I am so blessed that I am!!

J is my eagle.  Eagles mate for life, and I know that J will be my husband forever in this lifetime and the next.  Eagles continue to build on their nest and have new chicks every year *wink* they work together to feed and protect their chicks, to teach them how to fly and encourage them to leave the nest.  I am so blessed to have J as a partner in raising our children.  He is an amazing dad, and all his strengths as a father are where I am lacking as a mother.  Our children are the incredible product of Gods beautiful handy work, my ferocious affection, and J's big bear hugs and guiding hands.  Eagle's are the kings of the sky and the sky is where they are truly at home, anyone who knows J knows this is true of him.  Thank you J for an amazing 5 years, I cannot wait to see what happens the next 55!!  I will fly with you anywhere, anytime.

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