Thursday, January 27, 2011

Things That Mama Made

SO, since my fast from FB I found a new obsession, crafting blogs!  These women are amazing!!!  The things that they create, and then they tell you how to do it!  I was posting things that I made on my Etsy shop FB page, but that was getting confusing.  So now I just think I will share my new creations on here with you all and hopefully you can be inspired to create a few things yourself :) 

This is a cuff bracelet that I made using the tutorial on this site, and this was my second attempt however, because in my first attempt I used felt for the fabric (she says stiff fabric, but felt made me feel like I was about to brave a snow storm not wearing a fun piece of jewelry) 

This is the felt fabric first attempt.  I still thought it was so pretty and I had to find something to do with it.  So I put 2 broach pins on the back and pinned it to my sweater.

Not bad, but its a little long.  I think I might try to find a shirt to pin it on military style?  Who knows!?  That is the fun of it!!!

The Backpacks are finally done (I have only been planning on making them since August).  I made them out of J's old flight suits and J is ordering some patches with the boys names on them so they can look more legit.  They turned out pretty well.  There are definitely things I think I would change if I did them again, but that will NOT be any time soon :)

And finally this is a onsie I made for the IZ.  Why is she not wearing it you ask?  Because Sunday she wore it to church and before I could take a pic of her in it she had a huge blow out diaper.  Today it was clean but I didn't really have the heart to put her in it and make her pose for pictures since she has a bit of a cold and was a pretty pathetic little girl all afternoon.

So here is a picture of a happy Izzy B and some leg warmers I made for my Etsy shop.  We had a photo shoot with a professional photographer of all of my Etsy goodies, so that I can start taking myself a little more seriously.  Thank you so much to all of you who have taken me seriously already! 
More blogs on the babies to come soon...

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Diana said...


you are so absolutely amazing - and beautiful, inside and out -baby doll! Your creative, beautiful spirit is shining through in everything you do. God Bless!