Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Monster Talk

DJ:  "Mom, Dad, can we talk?"
Mom and Dad: (with very amused curious faces) "Sure Son, what's up?"
DJ:  "Sometimes I am scared of monsters and that's ok, because I am only scared when there are real monsters here, not when there aren't and sometimes I am scared of the big weed (this is a reference to Larry Boy and the Rumor Weed for those not fully versed in Veggie Tales the way we are; and Veggie Tales is a Christian animation series with talking vegetables for those of you without kids :-)
DJ: "Mommy just sometimes I am scared, is that fine?"
Mommy:  "It is fine to be scared sometimes DJ, but do you know who can help us when we are scared?"
DJ: "Jesus and God?"
Mommy:  "Yep, God's Word says 'be strong and courageous, do not be afraid..' so if you are feeling scared you can repeat that to yourself and God will help you to be brave." 
DJ:  "Ok, but can Daddy come outside with me so I don't have to be brave now?"
Daddy: (melting into a little puddle) "Let's Go Man!"

Why is our three-year-old afraid?  Does anyone have any advice on helping him through this?  This is an exact conversation we had last night, but it is VERY similar to conversations that we end up having almost everyday.

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