Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowy Days and Cute Kids

So what is new... Well today is a snow storm here in good old Altus so we are all of course still in our pajamas!  Asher is walking around in his frog footie pajamas and snow boots (on the wrong feet of course) and he told me while looking out the window that the snow was "bootiful."  Asher is also starting to play pretend with "guys" and cars (his current fav is the firetruck) and he also loves to pretend to eat your face (he may have gotten that from me).  I also love that he turns most single syllable words into two syllable words like "yeeeaa" or "thaayaat."

When the boys pretend together they always want to play the villain, and always like to pretend to be frozen.  "mommy I frozen" and they strike a pose only to be freed if I tickle them silly!  I love that they are playing together more and more these days.  The other day when I took them to school, DJ found Harley's leash in the car and when we got out he informed me that he was the puppy and Asher was the boy and Asher was going to walk him to school.  SO, Asher walked DJ into the school on a leash like a puppy dog, there are some battles I just choose not to fight and some memories I will cherish for a lifetime.  Here is a video of the evil villain laugh (professor bug is from a backyardagains episode)

DJ got a big boy bunk bed that he calls a stuck together bed, now he is sleeping on the top.  We let him pick out his own sheets, "How to Train Your Dragon" sheets, and I am in the process of making comforters (and by process I mean the material is sitting in a box by the front door).  Asher is jealous beyond words of the "stuck together bed" so we are going to brave getting Asher a mattress for the bottom bunk and move him out of his crib, dum dum dummmmmm.

Iz is still the stinkin cutest thing on this (or any other) planet.  She just absolutely lights this family up with her shy sideways glances and big belly giggles. She is really starting to move with a steady army crawl that she is slowly perfecting into a real crawl, when that happens I will have to post a video, until then here she is in her most favorite toy, the jumperoo!! 

Here are the boys new super hero boots! Yea, snow here we come!! (when it is warmer than 8 degrees out side and the wind isn't blowing at 100mph)

Also, we put the kids in a bath all together for the first time last night, there is a picture of that, but I think we will save it for immediate family and future prom dates.

Finally I have been a sewing mad woman full of inspiration from all of these awesome blogs... I made this scarf (and soon to be matching earwarmers) for my mom...
I made this scarf to go with the "bracelet" that didn't turn out from the last post

And I made this shirt up-cycled from a shirt that doesn't fit J anymore...
Love to you all, stay warm!

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photomom45 said...

I'm just going to throw this out there...Amber your are ABSOLUTELY a super woman!!! Your the most creative person I know by far!!!

Samantha Adams :)