Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bodily Functions

If you are friends with me on FB then you know my week has been chalk FULL of bodily functions!  Asher is coming into a real knowledge of his body and its excrement's, he refuses to leave a diaper on if he has "used" it which means there is a trail of dirty diapers throughout my house.  On occasion there is also a trail left behind from those really really dirty diapers.  I did attempt to start potty training, it was a fail.  The instant that I put some big boy underwear on him, Asher freaked out, "I want my diaper, I want my diaper back!!!!"  And now, because I am tired and J is very busy, I am going to just continue to clean up the trail of diapers and streaks of poop until I can get myself together enough to actually train Asher how to use the potty.  Potty training requires a VERY put together mommy.  Now DJ has been trained for quite awhile, and he does a great job of knowing when to go and washing his hands.  Not so great a job at flushing or closing the lid, which was not a big deal until Iz became mobile.  The other night, while cleaning up after Asher, I heard the toilet lid and the distinct sound of water splashing.  I looked over at DJ changing into his PJ's and recalled that I had just sent him to use that potty and I did NOT hear a flush.  I finished cleaning Asher as fast as humanly possible and ran to the bathroom to find sweet Iz just as happy as can be bent over the potty splashing away, in DJ's pee. 
There are times in life you are never fully prepared for, the craziness of motherhood is one big season of never being prepared and always being amazed at the things your children can and will do.  The thing that blows my mind is that even though I am on baby #3 I am still not prepared, I am still amazed, I am still learning.  Not just with DJ but with each one of my children, they are so different from one another.  I guess that's what makes motherhood so special, what makes God so amazing, the unique beauty in each of my babies; even if it is covered in poo.

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