Friday, September 16, 2011

This Morning

I love mornings like this morning...
#3 woke up super early, but that was great because I pulled her in bed with me and she fell right back to sleep all snuggled up next to me.
Then #2 came in, again climbed up in bed and got all snuggley
Enter our big #1, who never snuggles and is allergic to the morning time;
(literally, every morning he sneezes about a million times and sniffles so loud I worry that the neighbors can hear)
but this morning he climbed in bed too, with no sneezing or sniffling, and cuddled in.
And we all cuddled and snuggled and basked in our love for each other and the amazing blessings and love from our Father in heaven.
And the sweetest part?
It lasted 10 whole minutes
Before #1 started poking #2, and #2 scooted closer to me to get away, but that made #3 jealous so she tried to push him away. #2 thought #3 wanted to play so he started blowing zerberts on her face, which made her laugh/cry (something she is famous for in our house and I am pretty sure she inherited from my BFF Chloe, though I am not sure how that can happen). #1 was feeling left out so he stage dove on top of me and into the fray, and I literally had all 3 kiddos WWF wrestling on top of me and in my face.
Where is my hubby?
He has rolled over and is pretending to sleep, but I can feel him laughing into his pillow.

We are blessed.

Mornings like this morning, make our family what it is, remind me of what our family can and will be, full of LOVE.
Hope you had a wonderful morning and a blessed day!!

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