Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Base Cattle Drive

When I first began blogging and moved from SC to here, one of my first posts was about the cattle drive across base, I could not get over it! This year was our fourth and, more than likely, last cattle drive and I am truly sad about it. Living in this small town has definitely been different, and there are things I have really missed like Target and a grocery selection; but those are things I can find if I am willing to drive for a bit to get them. There are things here that I will miss terribly and I know I can't find them anywhere else, like all of the festivals and carnivals to celebrate anything and everything (even rattlesnakes!) Knowing at least one person everywhere you go, and knowing my children are safe. I will miss our church and our squadron and all of the ways these communities have supported my family, and more importantly my sanity. I will miss this town a lot when we leave, but I am not going to focus on that now, now I will focus on the awesome time we had yesterday...

This is the girl who used to do my hair :)

All the cattle coming in, see how close we were!

This cowboy brought his horse over to see the kids.

This is our pastor! He is holding #2, the only one brave enough to get on a horse :)

They even let him wear a real cowboy hat, he talked about it all day!

I LOVE men in flight suits and cowboy hats rounding up cattle!

We moved to a new spot to watch the actual drive and this is what we saw coming down the street.

Then all the cows took a detour to come visit us, eat some grass, and rub up on some trees.

Not entirely comfortable with how close they were.

Basically holding onto my babies with a "mom grip" like you wouldn't believe.

What a FUN day!!!

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