Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hilarious and Horrible

Because I have been a little wordy lately, my own hubby almost fell asleep reading my last post, this will be short and sweet all of the things my short sweet babies have been up to this week...

DJ showed some major courage when he DESTROYED J's childhood car book (a book that he looks at with J all the time and he LOVES!) and I told him that when J got home he would be very sad and DJ would have to apologize, and show Daddy what he did.  This caused DJ to break out in tears randomly throughout the day worried about hurting his Daddy or making Daddy mad at him.  First thing when J walked in the door DJ told him, "Daddy I have a dangerous problem, I broke your car book and I am so very sorry.  I will show it to you."  Blew me away, I knew that he was sick to his stomach with worry about this very moment all day, yet he pulled himself together and faced it straight on first thing, so proud!

While the boys were eating fish sticks I stepped out to change Iz and when I returned Asher was covered in head to toe ketchup and before I could say a word he said, "Mommy, I paint!"

DJ named his gigantic stuffed horse "Panto" and went riding it around shouting, "YeeHaw Cowboy, Howdy Partner," and "I am looking for a dangerous creeeeeeepy bad guy mommy."

During a terrible thunderstorm in the middle of the night a scared Ashey insisted on "holding" his mommy and slept on my chest like a newborn *sigh* <3

I set the boys down to color while I cooked dinner and when I checked on them I caught DJ "decorating" his brother.  This left me with 2 options, #1 get mad and take the markers and coloring sheets away or #2 strip them both down to skivvies and let them go to town decorating each other and throw them in a bubble bath before dinner, I chose option #2 and I am so glad I did!

And while Iz has done nothing hilarious or horrible she is quite possibly the most beautiful baby I have ever seen and I catch myself daily just staring in awe of her beauty so thankful that she is mine!

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