Friday, September 3, 2010


AKA: Sher Sher and Ashey (which J does not think should have a y but I do and its my blog so there!)

I realized I have given Iz her own post and DJ his own post, so before I post about how my sweet family was stargazing in my bedroom in the middle of the day or about the adventure we are about to have tomorrow, it is my pleasure to write a bit about my sweet Ashey.  Born when DJ was 17months old I was so scared, how could another baby possibly hold a candle to DJ who melted the hearts of all who came with in a 2 foot radius of him.  Could we possibly love another child as much?  The answer was, those are stupid questions!  Asher is a different child, he cannot be compared to his brother because there is no comparison, he is his own very special brand of amazing, the same way we all are, the way that God created us to be.  Asher had colic which  means that from the moment he was 2 weeks old until the day he turned 12 weeks old he did nothing but cry, all day, all night, cry.  For some reason I think this made me love him ferociously, I knew that no one but his mommy could accept and deal with this unbelievable crying and so I never fully trusted anyone to be with him for any extended period of time, including his daddy.  So it was the two of us fighting the storm of colic together, sleeping together every night and holding him on my hip every day.  Thank the Good Lord for my mom and her husband who let me move in with them while J was away 2 of those three months.  I know I would not have made it on my own!  Now Asher is the sweetest most loving little boy I have ever even heard of.  He hugs and kisses, cuddles and giggles ALL the time.  He is beginning to enter the terrible twos but even in his outright defiance I grin because he is so stinkin cute.  Asher attends a mothers day out program and his teachers wrote on his daily report yesterday, "Asher is such a great boy, so sweet, and we love him so much!"  Asher has been in school a total of 4 days so far, and they love him so much, that is definitely one of my boys.  I hope that they are melting hearts like this forever.  There are so many things that I love about my Asher I can only list a few here;  I love that when he smiles his eyes close because his cheeks are so fat, I love the way he says "mommy, mommy, mommy" always three times before he can get the actual words out, I love that when we hold him he rubs the back of our necks with his chubby hand, and I love the way he gives us all 100 unsolicited kisses a day.  My sweet man is about to be two and I can't wait to discover all of the other millions of things I will love about him.
To Be Continued...

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