Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shower Power

Friends and Family, while I still have yet to write about our AWESOME adventure to Arbuckel Wildlife Park, I have to share what happened tonight.  First of all lets rewind a bit so I can tell you that last night I had a near mental breakdown, between a crying Iz that I could not put down without one of her brothers harassing her into screams, DJ flipping his dinner plate onto his lap (grilled chicken, couscous, and salad with ranch), Asher tossing my camera onto the floor, and a very rainy day that started at 6am (after I had a night of 5 total hours sleep and not consecutively) with no coffee to be had because I desperately needed to go grocery shopping, I was pretty much a mess when J got home at 6.  J walked in and I took Iz and walked out, where to you ask, why to the walmart of course to do the desperate grocery shopping... but at least I was out of the house and away from my naughty naughty boys; mommy needed a break.  When I got home J put all the groceries away, I put Iz to bed and was in bed myself at 9:30, only one feeding last night and no getting up from the boys until around 6:30 this morning which was fine because today was the glorious mothers day out!!!  I did nothing all morning, got my hair done after lunch (its fab by the way) before I went to pick up the boys completely recharged.  After a lovely dinner (by the way is it 8pm now and Iz has been asleep since 4pm and yes she is alive because I keep going in to poke her but I will not wake a sleeping baby) I gave Asher a bath while DJ took trash out with Daddy and just for kicks I asked DJ if he would like to shower instead of take a bath, to my surprise he said yes and was stripped down and in my shower before I could say boo.  I turned the water on for him and went to get the baby soap and when I returned to the bathroom he was already "cleaning himself" with J's bar of soap "like a big boy."  DJ then informed me that it was time to shave and he needed his shaver, I just so happen to have one of those "razors" that has no blade so I gave it to him, then he pointed to J's shaving cream and said "Mama, that too!" so I put a little on his cheeks and melted into a puddle as he began to shave, I ran to get J and my camera and when I came back this is what I found
Head to toe shaving cream!!!

It was SO AWESOME!  Then of course Asher came in to see all the commotion and had to shave his face too!
Have I ever mentioned that I love being the mom of boys?!

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